Facebook Top Fans Generator

Facebook Top Fans Generator

The application to analyze your Facebook profile and the Timeline
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Facebook Top Fans Generator is an application created to analyze your Facebook profile and the Timeline in order to tell you which of your friends has given you the most likes and comments.
The application allows you to generate the top not only from your main profile page, but also from other pages you have or are the administrator of. You are able to set a number of winners and tell the application how many posts to look in. Since the top is generated based on a score, for a single like or comment you can set how many points to award.

You may also add unlimited Facebook account in Facebook Top Fans Generator with their Pages and switch between them by just one click.

Facebook Top Fans Generator creates an image with the people that get the highest scores. You get to view their names, number of likes and comments as well as their score. Depending on your taste, the application allows you to choose from a variety of frames. They can contain 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 people inside and you can even add a custom text to further personalize the image.

It goes without saying that Facebook Top Fans Generator enables you to post the image on the Facebook page along with a description. The entire process of creating the top fans chart takes a couple of minutes at most. Besides the initial synchronization the most time you?ll be spending using the app is to customize the chart so it looks good.

So, with the above to consider, Facebook Top Fans Generator is by all means a really good app to have around if you are a frequent Facebook user who likes these kinds of posts.

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